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Nick Rees stoking the main fire box at Muchelney Potterya

Nick primarily uses clay which has come from pits in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall and mixed to Muchelney Pottery's own unique recipe. This clay is suitable for the high temperatures achieved during the firing process and produces stoneware pots.

Muchelney Pottery uses a 350cu.ft three-chambered climbing kiln - holding approximately 2,000 pots. It is wood-fired using off-cuts of Larch and Douglas Fir to a temperature of 1320C over a period of 36 hours. This process gives the unique 'toasted' finish which is synonymous with Muchelney pots. Nick has also begun firing using an electric kiln.

Nick's personal glazes include blue/black tenmoku, tessha, celadon, blue/green and often a porcelain slip decoration.


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Fellow of Craft Potters Association
Full Member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen

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